How to Personalize a Handmade Leather Hip Flask

A flask is the perfect gift for the person who loves to indulge in a fine liquor on occasion. Instead of just buying a stock model flask, consider making the gift even more special by adding some personal touches to the item. The receiver will appreciate the thought and effort that was put into this memorable and useful present. There are many different ways to personalize a handmade leather hip flask.

Pick the Color

When most people think of leather goods, they usually imagine neutral colors, such as black and brown. However, a leather flask can be purchased in just about any color of the rainbow. Everyone has different tastes, so be sure to select a color that the recipient will appreciate the most. Leather can be dyed a multitude of colors, from quiet pastels to bold jewel tones. Of course, basic black and brown are still options, too.

Choose a Shape

While any hip flask is designed to be secured snugly to the user’s hip, they are still offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. When choosing the most appropriate size, consider the stature of the recipient. If they are petite, a small flask is probably the best option. Those with a more prominent frame may appreciate a larger one. Even the shape can be personalized. The standard flask is flat and wide, making it very discreet. However, many people opt for a thermos-style flask because it is capable of holding more liquid.

Add a Design

Instead of buying a basic, solid colored flask, consider adding a design to the exterior. For a masculine flask, a snake skin or crocodile texture is very popular. Choosing a camouflage design is also an option. If the receiver prefers more feminine items, consider a floral pattern. It’s even possible to add glitter or rhinestones for even more sparkle. A personalized monogram is another way to make the flask feel like it was made just for the recipient.

A flask is always a fun and useful gift for people who like to treat themselves to a drink on occasion. Consider giving them a one-of-a-kind gift by personalizing the flask. Choosing a specific color, unique shape, or special design will make the flask really stand out.