Pressed for Time Working Out At Home Is Ideal for Busy Professionals

Working out and maintaining a level of fitness is a requirement in our busy lives. Maintaining an active regime on a regular basis helps to build our stamina and vitality. The AMA recommends working out at least 30 minutes a day. Studies have shown that people that work out have reduced stress levels, greater agility and they have greater peace of mind.  There are many reasons why we should work out at home versus spending money on a gym membership.

If you have an alternate work schedule than most, it generally makes for an easier transition to sleep; especially for those that work 2nd and 3rd shift positions.  Routinely, have a tendency to come home, eat then go to sleep as our natural sleep patterns are altered.  Taking time once you get home to unwind and work out for 30 minutes allows us to shed the burdens that we have from our workplace.  The work out can consist of using a WiiFit or similar type product and choosing a challenge like an aerobic activity like running, biking or step aerobics for a specified time.  It gets your heart rate up and it can help you unwind and have a more restful sleep. It encourages movement over sitting and watching television or playing video games which is more sedentary. 

Regardless of whether you are just starting out to work out or if you have committed to making your health a priority; think of the time and money saved from working out at home.  You can wear anything that is comfortable, you aren’t spending money on gas to commute to gym or pay for the membership.  If your days are time oriented and very scheduled, it is much easier to turn that unused room in your house or basement into a workout room. 

Invest in some free weights or an all in one piece of equipment like a Bowflex and plan your routines based on your schedule.  One could do 20 minutes before work and then another 20 minute routine on a different area of the body in the evening.  You will never forget your shoes or clothing again because you are at home. Have a roast in the oven? Don’t worry it won’t overcook, you’ll save money on eating out and cooking at home means you control the calorie count.  Remember it doesn’t matter, where you work out.  It really just matters that we work out and get our heart rate up. Whether early mornings are best of you or evenings are best; you have the utmost control over your schedule. Make the most of it.