Reasons to Shop Online

Here are 4 reasons to shop online for your next pair of shoes. I didn’t include this in the list, but these days saving money at the pump is top of the list.

Convenience – There’s just something about sitting at your computer shopping for shoes online with a simple click of a button. It doesn’t matter where you are. Time is of no concern because the Internet is always open and online shoe stores never close for restocking. You experience a rush when your shoes arrive at your front door. Free shipping both ways and return policies are fairly common among online shoe retailers. If you decide you don’t like your new purchase, you can return them with relative ease and your bank account doesn’t take the hit.

Privacy – Privacy is important to some women with large-size feet. You avoid the looks, comments and the embarrassment of asking for a size 12. And sometimes, you just get tired of hearing those familiar words, “Sorry, we don’t carry that size.” Having the ability to shop from the privacy of your home without a sales clerk looking at your feet in disbelief sets your mind at ease.

In Stock – First of all, shopping for shoes in department stores or shoe stores can leave full-footed women fuming and frustrated. If the shoe store happens to carry a shoe in size 11 or size 12, when you get there your size is gone. Why these retailers only buy 1 or 2 larger sizes is beyond me. There are full-footed women out there who have money to spend on shoes. There are some exceptions to the rule. consistently stocks larger size shoes for women as well as a handful of other shoe stores. Most of my favorite online shoe stores always seem to have my size in stock. This makes me happy.

Selection – For women who wear sizes 11 and up, it’s so much easier to find larger sizes online in a variety styles, sizes and colors. You can take your time to find exactly what you’re looking for while shopping online. These days, online shoe retailers like,,, and carry a variety of shoes in sizes 11 and up. If you’re looking for a pair of black cone heel shoes in size 11, it’s easy to do online.